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AJ Butler,

Collegiate Bowler

If I had half of the work ethic that Jos has I would be a phenom. To see the countless hours that he puts in on and off the lanes is so inspiring. Congrats on the new high game big man and the title win. I am beyond proud of you!!


Cameron Crowe,

Team USA

Junior Team USA

Collegiate Bowler 

Jos has a never say die attitude. He loves what he does and gives 110 every single time he does it no matter what that may be. He is a fun and outgoing guy. He is a person that everyone likes to be around. He brings a smile to everyone's face no matter what mood they're in. You can tell that his future is bright, just by the way he carries himself at such a young age.


Diandra Asbaty
Professional Bowler
Elite Youth Tour Founder Title

It’s been a pleasure watching Jos grow throughout the last few years. Everyone knows Jos is a champion on the lanes, but for me, it’s who he is Beyond the Lanes that impresses me most. Jos is the epitome of kindness and class. He lifts others up around him and cheers for you even if he’s competing against you. Not only a fantastic bowler, but also a fantastic ambassador for bowling. The entire sport of bowling is lucky to have him. Youth bowlers like Jos have the power to positively change the world- and I can’t wait to see what he does next.


Xavier Muhammad,

Former Youth Star

Former Collegiate Bowler

When I first met/bowled with young Jos, all I could say is that the sky is the limit for him. He has a mental game that’s better than most adults, no joke! And he might be [4’3]but he has one of the biggest hearts. He will never give up. He has some qualities and traits that will take him far. I can’t wait to watch and help him thru his journey.


Anthony Jordan, 

Former Collegiate Bowler
MOTIV Staff Member

Watching Jos on the lanes is a treat.  His focus and determination on being the best that he can be is inspiring.   What I love best about Jos is his interaction with his peers.  He is always cheering and trying to encourage them even while competing against them.  With his willingness to work hard his future looks very bright.


Jalen Mosley,

Bowling Superstar

Collegiate Bowler

       2020 NAIA Rookie of the Year

One of the hardest working little guys I know!   Definitely, a GOAT in the making!


Blair Blumenscheid, 
STORM Products Communication Manager

Jos Weems is a breath of fresh air that we’ve needed in the sport of bowling for a very long time. 


He always gives 100% to his sport and his energy is contagious.


He is kind to every single person he meets.


He always walks in with a smile on his face to start the day and walk out with a smile to end the day, no matter how the pins fall.


He builds people up, while staying focused on his own game.


He is always open to learning something new and absorbs it all.


He ALWAYS makes a new friend and brings them along with him on his journey to success.


He is going to accomplish whatever he decides to do. 


We’re so lucky that Jos has chosen to share his talents with the sport of bowling and I’m so excited to see everything that he’ll accomplish throughout his career.


Keep sharing that smile with the world, Jos! 

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